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Child born to a prostitute as a result of a turned trick.
Your skank-ass mom is such a ho, I'd be surprised to find out you were anything but a trick baby...punk.

At least I'm not a trick baby....bitch.
by Professor Pickles December 24, 2003
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Noun: A baby born to a black prostitute from a liason with a white john.

Adjective: (Prejorative) A term of derision given by black folks to a mixed race person, referring to the alleged fact that their momma was a 'ho and their papa was a john. (Related term: zebra)

Popularized by the 1967 novel "Trick Baby: The Story of a White Negro" by Iceberg Slim (Robert Beck).
Dot sat there grinning. He looked straight ahead as we struggled into our coats. Then, without turning his head, he casually said, "Blue, I can't miss seeing you again soon. I'll duck into the homicide bureau and enjoy your morgue shots, maybe as soon as tomorrow. I'll count ice-pick holes in your black lard ass. You and your trick baby partner could be walking corpses."

I cut in. I was hot as hell. I said, "Goddamnit, Mr. Murray, I was no trick baby. My mother was no whore. She married a white man. Do I have to pin her marriage license to my chest? And Blue and I haven't done anything to wind up dead."

He said, "I'll believe a license when I see it. I'm bullshit proof...."

-- Iceberg Slim, "Trick Baby"
by Guy Lazarus March 01, 2006
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