A person named Treveon is very kind hearted and loving. He tries to help others but, will become irritated if they are so helpless it becomes aggravating. He is a smart guy and very compassionate. It is really hard for him to say no to his friends and he'll die for his family. He is a very chill dude but, don't ever mistake his silence for ignorance, his calmness for acceptance, or his kindness for weakness. He is open about his feeling to his friends but, not his family. He worries about others and his loving nature may be his greatest weakness and strength. A Treveon is very handsome and has a way to a females' heart. You should be lucky to have a Treveon in your life.
I never met anyone so caring and generous. His name must be Treveon.
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by Lucky Duck.Star May 05, 2018
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A guy who doesn't really do anything wrong just sits back and tries to make money as much as possible , he's pretty cool and is very trustworthy
Damn jim, that man acts just like treveon
by James186 June 18, 2018
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