coolest guy in the world. uncommon name also are a boss
"hey tremont how are you doing" said bob. "pretty good" said tremont
by thatboyezio May 7, 2013
A piece of shit town in Schuylkill County inhabited by angry rednecks, as well as the hub of a seemingly successful heroin trade. All that really exists there is a Fire Company, two or three bars, and a pizza parlor. Tremont used to have a video store, but that went belly-up or something; who knows. Everyone there has a dutch accent.
"Yo, bot! let's go down to "tray-munt" (tremont) and get some 'eroin!"
by alpinechrisp January 14, 2006
The coolest nigga there is a star in sports cool with everyone a shooter who don't give a fuck what excuse you make always catching hands
" tremonte stay fighting " Reggie said.
by Ivrson Lorinzo February 27, 2017
"Tremont" is a tall lightskin with long curly hair an has an extremely humongous cock an is ready to pipe a girl down any time any where.
Q/Tremont how long can you last in bed?
A/long enough to meet your standard needs.
Tremont, Illinois is a pretty small town. It could easily be described in one word, and that word is CORN! CORN, all we have around here is CORN, CORN, and some more CORN
He lives in Tremont, Illinois
by YEET DA YEET! October 23, 2020
a music venue in charlotte, nc that regularly features local, regional, and nationally touring bands. it has two stages. the casbah is the smaller stage usually for local and regional bands, and the main stage is for bigger national bands. overall it is a cool place to see live music, despite being very close to a very poor area of charlotte.
last week i lyke saw fall out boy at tremont music hall and lyke omg it was so amazing
by mary jane lucifer April 25, 2007
A man decides to indulge in multiple blueberry beers at his local watering hole. After many rounds, he feels an urge to take a piss and heads to the closest urinal. As he's draining his man snake, a sudden sneeze derails everything and his bowels are vacated into his pants. After 10 minutes of clean up time, his friends were about to send out a search party. He arrives back at the bar, freeballing, and ready to drink more. The Ole Tremonte Tootsie-roll.
Bobby drank too much and suffered through to the Tremonte Tootsie-roll.
by Dick Rivard November 24, 2019