3 definitions by m0oks

1. Someone who gets confused easily or unable to give reasons or explanations to something obvious or able.

2. It can also mean a person who mentions something then suddenly loses focus at what was being said or unable to cope or understand the situation or meaning.
I have a friend Rowena, she started talking about something then forgot what she was talking about, haha such a "lostie"
but then again she is very beautiful. and that makes up for it.lol
by m0oks March 4, 2008
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when someone is totally retarted, and just cant get things when everyone else can.
the person can tend to be slow, as in sloooow
u need to define words all the time just so you can have a conversation.
someone who puts a helmet on and has the strap in front of their goggles..thats a noob
m0oks: "like omg Chamroeun ur such a noob"
chamroeun: "SOOooOO"

she actually knows she's a noob
by m0oks July 31, 2008
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1. A gym machine used to keep fit.

2. a suggestive word often used by mothers to their kids to get off the internet, quit webcamming and being a luvoe and get on the damn treadmill, and start sweating it off.
"ahh marcie alis ka nga dyan, at mag treadmill ka naman, webcam na webcam ka dyan eh"

translates: " ahhh marcie get out of here, and get on the bloody treadmill will ya you sheila and get off the damn webcam"
by m0oks March 17, 2008
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