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The feeling you have in the morning after a night of intense alcohol consumption, while you are trying to walk somewhere. You feel as if you are walking on a treadmill without any thought-process at all, and stopping requires a lot of effort.
Jared: "Brandon, are we treadmilling again!?"
Brandon: "Oh I just noticed, you're right."
Jared: "Hopefully we recover before we get to the bakery so we can stop for a feed".
by Dbjawz June 20, 2012
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Staying busy but not really making any progress on a particular project, goal, career or life in general.
I'm treadmilling at work and really need to find a new job.
by WholeLottaHmmm April 11, 2010
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Seeing the guinea pigs treadmilling in the pet store, Gilbert Banger realized that the one night stands he was already getting tired of, amounted to treadmilling, so he stopped whoremongering and began to search for a woman who he would like to marry.
by PROFACT September 24, 2017
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Playing a TV Series as background noise and paying little to no attention to it while running through seasons.
I'm planning on treadmilling though the entire season 4 of The Office on Netflix today.
by _mollybdenum August 28, 2016
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