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a car that attracts girls
damn that car is a pussywagon
by ?????? March 11, 2003

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marks from shooting up
did you see that guys trax?
by ?????? December 30, 2003

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everything mixed together
by ?????? March 11, 2003

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a very sad "it" hu seemz 2 adore pink barbie lunchboxes. it is gay n apparently also feelz da need 2 hold itz daddy's hand.
yeung:ma fav fings in da world??? ummmm....... dat wood b ma luvli pink barbie lunchbox n i realli luv holding ma daddy's hand.
by ?????? October 20, 2003

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brunettes r sooooooo better than blondes! They r sophisticated n clever n know how 2 keep men happy n interested, UNLIKE some blondes who most of the time r boring n thick!
whoa....that brunette is soooo much nicer than that minging blonde!
by ?????? May 18, 2004

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a guy that thinks hes gonna make varsity baseball
hey guys imma make varsity baseball.(laughing)
by ?????? March 08, 2005

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somthing loud, ryhms, good for rotting brain and blowing out ear drums.
my music makes me gassy
by ?????? April 17, 2003

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