Travers is a scottish term used to mean cute or hot

This guy i met last night was a total travers
by Ron O'Connel April 4, 2008
someone who is extreamly attractive and dates a beautiful girl who is attractive as well, different, multi-talented.
Traver is so sexy that he dates a girl named Nikelia
by Penist676 April 13, 2010
Is a home town where they will get down with their shit !
Traver will not tolerate anyone talking down on them !
by Fuck.a.thot August 17, 2018
A Rare name in the world. People Named Traver are usually Unique and are always looking for a thrill. People who are named Traver are liked by lots of girls because of his personality and cleverness.
Man that guy has to be a Traver he's to extreme not to be!
by Za Clay February 19, 2010
This person is literally coolest and pretty chill.Open minded and is not into politics.Loves to talk to people and treat people respectfully.This guy will risk his time for you and boi he will fight back.Defintion of a friend.
Ma boi Travers is just goodamn chill
by Dimasucksmyballs January 16, 2019
a driven athletic yay tall child who doesnt give uop and is very cockky
ugh look at traver
by bigsteve35 August 22, 2018
The chillest guy you ever meet

He doesn't care what people thinks about him.
Can be anti-social in someways
Too nice (sometimes a dick when talking shit about him.)
Hates feminist
Man! That is one god damn travers !
by Hellobitchies666 December 8, 2016