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The nature of being bold, devastatingly handsome, witty and sexually insatiable.
The majority of guys at the new years party were silenced when the travarius new guy showed up and dominated the scene.
by mastazasta November 09, 2009
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A most likely black boy who isn't afraid to say what he thinks rather he be roasting or cussing. He's a type of boy who goes from girl to girl hoping to hook up. Travarius doesn't break up with girls they break up with him. If you have a Travarius don't break up wi him or else after you do he WILL be mean in any way possible. But he does care about you when y'all do date.
Girl one: " I don't know why I broke up with Travarius he was good to me."
Girl two: " Well let's hope he'll be my guy next."
Girl one: *slaps girl two*
by MaddieC April 24, 2017
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