A trap game is a game played against an opponent generally deemed to be easy to defeat. As a result a person or team may not prepare as thoroughly as they would for a formidable opponent. Often this attitude and its attendant lack of preparation lead to a loss.
"Seattle should be able to defeat Cleveland easily this Sunday, but they need to be careful that this does not become a trap game for them."
by Mostly Foobar November 4, 2015
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That nigga/bitch got yo ass trapped.
You ain't going nowhere.
#1: I was gonna leave, but she pregnant man. She was on the pill she said.
#2: Trap game nigga, trap game.
by Kordae J. January 11, 2015
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Refers to a girl's shoulders. If she's got flat skinny shoulders, she has weak trap game. If they nice and well developed she has a solid trap game.
Ayy that buffteng has maaaaad trap game uno
by nahuralrightmate July 31, 2015
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Every time you join a call with someone under the facade of just talking, and they hit you with the "Let's play something".
Every time Sticc joins vc, he gets hit with the gaming trap.
by DefinitelyNotTheMilkman April 17, 2022
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