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A trap game is a game played against an opponent generally deemed to be easy to defeat. As a result a person or team may not prepare as thoroughly as they would for a formidable opponent. Often this attitude and its attendant lack of preparation lead to a loss.
"Seattle should be able to defeat Cleveland easily this Sunday, but they need to be careful that this does not become a trap game for them."
by Mostly Foobar January 06, 2016
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That nigga/bitch got yo ass trapped.
You ain't going nowhere.
#1: I was gonna leave, but she pregnant man. She was on the pill she said.
#2: Trap game nigga, trap game.
by Kordae J. January 11, 2015
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Refers to a girl's shoulders. If she's got flat skinny shoulders, she has weak trap game. If they nice and well developed she has a solid trap game.
Ayy that buffteng has maaaaad trap game uno
by nahuralrightmate September 02, 2015
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