tranks also means pills that calm you down (sedatives and benzodiazepines). Short for tranquilizers.
Why did my doctor take away my tranks?
by caitlin February 20, 2005
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(verb) to relax. As in trank out. Derived from "tranquilizer"
"After a glass of wine and a good nap I was so tranked out."
by A.B. April 12, 2005
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verb - to trank. To intentionally add preposterous or nonsensical editorial to a funny story in order to sabotage the humor of it.
Thanks for tranking the story Sean. Or... He just tranked the whole joke.
by Aaron Trank September 7, 2005
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1. a tranquilizer

2. to use tranquilizers
Don't uses that trank to deal with something like a bee.
by The Return of Light Joker January 27, 2009
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trin x dank ship name. usually used when canoodling
ew look at trin and dank kanoodlimg!! silly trank
by wawabuh February 7, 2022
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a trick-ass skank. a female that only cares about bein' with a guy for what he has to offer them in terms of material wealth. created in fonda, ny in 2003 by pimps that were fed up with hoes always wantin' more money.
damn, she's got a bangin' ass. yeah man but look at her she's a trank.
by the mhb January 3, 2005
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verb: To thoroughly enjoy the company of close associates. Tranking can vary in intensity (from chilling to partying), but generally has a more intimate connotation. This is the most common form of the word.

adj: Having the characteristics of creating and deepening friendships; intimate

noun: 1) A person renowned for wanting to have a good time with others. 2) Any object that can bring two people closer together in a non-sexual way
The boys/girls and I tranked so hard yesterday. I don't think I've ever had such deep conversations.

That party wouldn't have been so trank without the handle and ecstacy.

1) Brock is such a trank, we always have a great time together. 2) You're eyes are tranks. Are you getting lost in mine like I am in yours?
by Whistle Spit July 28, 2009
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