The act of hanging out, gossiping, spilling tea, and just talking
hey dude are you down to trak tonight? - duncan
i’m always down - whitney
trak? - j craft
look it up in the urban dictionary -emma
can i come? -zack
sure -ella
what about me? -lindsey

sure - whitney
by Whitney XD January 15, 2019
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One of the best rappers. He is known for a rapid fast delivery and Krayzie Bone/Twista lyrical style. Born in Rock-Town, GA. Now known in Atlanta, his big time companies as Billed-A-Berg Records, Matrax Ent. & KONDISTRAK INC. and also known as TRAK, ALL SEE, KB, and APEX
Aye man K-Trak is dat thraxx

K-Trak is off tha throttle
by Rock-Town January 25, 2009
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A home care scheduling software program that thinks that it is better than any other computer software program on the market. It likes to update several hundred times a day especially updating several times consecutively during times of crisis. Home Trak will interrupt anything else you are doing especially when you typing a very long and important email therefore causing giant gaps in the body for you to have to go back and fix. Home Trak will cause severe frustration causing you to curse at your computer randomly throughout the day making your co-workers and employers think you have tourettes syndrome.
Heidi: I have to get this email out by noon.

Deb: You better hurry then.

Heid:i Fucking Home Trak keeps updating.

Deb: Fuck Home Trak

Heidi: I am going to throw this computer out the fucking window.
by vegeheidi May 21, 2011
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How to say goodbye to someone. It's related to Star Trak (record label). Founded by record producers Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams in 2002.
Person 1: heey man I will see you tomorrow.
Person 2: yessur, StS. (Star Trak Sign)
by natriumdioxide July 17, 2008
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Unlike a Diss Trak, a Kiss Trak is a song that explains the artist's need to fuck another person
Uh, I can't think of any examples of a Kiss Trak, you know, except for every song in existence
by Funnyclock301956 April 4, 2021
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