(v) to be current and up to date with the latest developments of something. (derived from the Army)
1. You trackin that we have C.O.B formation at 1630, right?
by James Stevens November 7, 2005
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I realy enjoyed going out with you we were really trackin the whole night long.
by Rex771 September 12, 2003
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when a guy or girl is either looking at you from a distance or when your spittin some game. your boys will always let you know when they see a nigga trackin
my boy and some girl are talkin at a party. i walk by and say trackinnnnn
by PartyBoySouzaInc. June 13, 2010
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When a guy gets brown stripes in the FRONT Of his underwear due to participation in anal sex
Hope mom doesn't do my laundry today, l woke up DIRT TRACKIN' and l don't want to explain.
by Ruswals November 5, 2023
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When a guy's underwear has brown stripes in FRONT from participating in anal sex
I hope mom doesn't do my laundry today,,l woke up DIRT TRACKIN' and don’t want to explain.
by Ruswals November 5, 2023
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To question or second guess someone or somthing
Me and my friend were talking and " I said lets go to hotel they got an all night bar and she said is that a good idea and I said gurl dont be trackin right now."
by Zannakat March 24, 2018
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An expression of acknowledgment. I'm following along or I understand.
Similar: gotcha, yup.
A: We headed out in five.
B: Trackin.

C: Did you see the other chat? We decided to meet up at the pizza place.
D: I'm tracking.
by Internet Heresy June 26, 2021
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