n. A practitioner of the sport/art of parkour. Is a skilled runner and jumper. Often has the ability to perform various acrobatic techniques, but not necessarily so.
David Belle is the founder of the sport of parkour and is an elite traceur.

That traceur has an amazing precision jump.
by Rob November 21, 2003
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n. One who practices flowing through a given environment as efficiently as possible with only the aptitudes of the human body and an assortment of techniques .
David Belle once said something along the lines of "A good traceur trains until he/she gets it right. An excellent traceur trains until he/she cannot get it wrong."
by A Parkour Enthusiast November 4, 2008
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Traceurs are people that do parkour or free running.Parkour practitioners are referred to as traceurs, or traceuses for females
Also known as The Urban NINJA!
Dude1-Yo how do you call girls that do Parkour?
Dude2- Traceuses
Girl1- Sweeet! What about guys?
Dude2- Traceurs!
Girl2- Sick!
by Joe Setephenson July 6, 2008
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A practitioner of the extreme sport; Parkour.
Dude I saw a Traceur yesterday doing some awesome Parkour!
by Chris Bent July 15, 2008
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When someone parkours on rooftops naked and while jumping from one roof to another, poops midair onto the people below.
its a bird, its a plane, its a traceur!
That guy just got traceured by a traceur
im bored..
lets go traceur!!
by Kelso_sayss June 7, 2011
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When a traceur or traceuse looks like they cut there wrists from doing so much wall climb ups.
-Damn man, my wrists really got some punishment today.

-lol, you're an emo traceur.
by Tylers911 December 5, 2010
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The Way That One's Sense Of Sight Changes From Parkour And Freerunning
The freerunner has the eye of the traceur
by Aaron Parkour October 30, 2015
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