Totty is British slang for sexy women, also rhymes with hottie
Do a google image search for totty and see for yourself.
by EZkds May 18, 2010
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When you eat tater tots off her titty.
Bro 1: Hey what were yall doing?
Bro 2: Bro we were totally tottying
by Ewbishwhatareyoudoing October 02, 2019
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means a good looking person, can be either male or female.
"phew, he's a right bit of totty"
by ellroy August 06, 2003
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good looking teenage girl
esp. one that is a tease or dressed to look older
look at that tottie, I bet she's lookin' for some action!
by greg2112 June 26, 2002
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Short, annoying girl, but also cute af. She laughs a lot(mostly at her own jokes) and smiles all the time. If you look to her too much, you'll start smiling as well. Very colourful and creative, sings, dances and paints on a daily basis. She hates math
Oh look. That colourful girl is such a Tottie
by lililililu March 12, 2017
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