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Exsessive hair on a man's torso such as thick chest hair, jutting out with afro-like qualities. May include back hair.
The pool party turned sour once the guests caught a glimpse of Jim's pasty white skin and unkempt torfro!
by SpongeSlob CrappyPants December 16, 2008
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Ultra hairy upper body that can but does not necessarily have to include the back. The hair must stand away from the body a minimum of 1" to be a true Torfro. A combintaion of the words Torso and Afro
Look at the Torfro on that guy !
by Digiman38 December 20, 2008
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The afro of Ray Toro.
This afro is not filled with hair.
It is filled with justice.
Hide the cupcakes
Torfro of justice
by Yofi Rutto-ATOMIC THRUST August 19, 2011
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