From the spanish "hoy por tí, mañana por yo", it is used to "justify"acts of kindness toward strangers.
Thanks for helping me with my flat tire. Please accept this $50 as a token of my gratitude.
No need. Today you, tomorrow me
by Rahxephon000 December 22, 2010
Old colloquial southern saying "Mad today, glad tomorow", means just what it says for instance if a neighbor, friend, family member with whom you are on decently close terms may come to misunderstanding over a slight or mishap perceived by one or the other and suffer hurt or injurious feelings to their pride, ego, etc. He/she would or will soon get over that and move on to resume their relationship (with hopefully, a better understanding of each other) again...therefore, mad today, glad tomorow! Not mad at nobody! Just sayin', sometimes a thing, matter/issue has to be put in check by making someone think about their actions that may have brought on the discord. Be Happy, Worry!
Miss Evie expressed her regret emotionally and out loud to the group of ladies who had forgotten to bring the cold salads for the spring tea buffet to which her sister Margaret who headed the sunshine committee, replied...mad today, glad tomorrow!
by Sassafras Seraphim September 1, 2020
When it's after midnight but some people don't know it is, some people will say 'tomorrow' and others will say 'today'. In order to distinguish between the two, we say "today-tomorrow" and "tomorrow-tomorrow".
Do you want a grab a drink later tomorrow? I mean... today-tomorrow.
by Zodola March 15, 2022