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One whose proclivity for sexual desperation runs so deep that they would butter up a piece of toast and masturbate with it. syn, Wanker
"What, you didn't go out with that fat chick, did you? Bob, you are truly a toastfucker!"
by Zanshin August 03, 2003
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A toastfucker is one who fucks toast. Toastfuckers are widely known for their outlandish toast fetish, oftentimes displaying erotic behavior towards the very mentioning of toast. They tend to be either high, drunk, or stoned; a sober toastfucker is no toastfucker indeed.
My friend is a toastfucker; I saw him the other day, drunk off his ass and attempting to shove two semen-drenched pieces of toast up his ass.
by Brother Jaegerbombastic November 05, 2014
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