To show off something very costly, usually done by walking around like a stuck-up brat in front of the person(s) you're trying to impress or spouting lame phrases like,' Look, it's real Gucci !'
Everytime Suzette gest something new, she likes to lord it up in front of her relatives. She stopped doing this when her Fendi purse 'disappeared' at the family reunion 3 years ago...
by Shawn B. June 5, 2003
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Vice Lords up, Folks down
VL's run shit, and Folks can go to hell
lords up, bricks down
by duse March 1, 2005
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Declaration of one's presence in the current time and place wherein the phrase is declared. One is also a time lord.
Humanity: Blimey, the daleks are invading again. Who will save us this time?
Time Lord: Lord up in of this time bitch!
Humanity: :D
by fat virgin June 16, 2010
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