gest is an official english word meaning trip or adventure but im sveral countries i know it is used as a phrase meaning gesturee or intent.
the gest of the message is that we hate you
he didnt get the gest of it (pronounced jest)
by TarekOmak April 28, 2007
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That one guy who is usually very quiet and is usually very chill. He's handsome, cute, and smart. He attracts all the ladies. Its mainly his hair that gets them.
OMG That guy is such a Geste, no wonder with that gorgeous hair...
by The Magnificent Jose March 14, 2016
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The state of emotional denial and confusion, in reality this word doesn’t have a single meaning but many
Likradle was gest when he found out supa put this definition up
by Lukeradle February 4, 2018
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Adj. A David Gest is someone that lies uncontrollabley- often also not beilavble either.
John- I own a million purple ribbed condoms. They are in original packaging and are of Russian origin.

James: Stop being a David Gest.
by .Lottie. September 1, 2008
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