Korean saying for making someone climax during oral sex. Like Americans say "I'm gonna rock your world", Koreans use "I'll take you to Hong Kong".
Yoongi: Whether it be men or women, my flexible tongue movements will send them to Hong Kong with my raps.
by etherealkiiid February 15, 2016
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A place used to be a great economic center with great people and great food is about to disappear because the Chinese government is wrongfully taking control over the place.--A mainlander
Glad I was able to visit Hong Kong before its fall.
by Epicness + Dankness July 18, 2020
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A high tech ghetto, Hong Kong is the best place in Asia. Home of tall buildings, neon, and pirates. Also a great place to pick up cheap anime dvds...

Hong Kong is a living example of Gibson's cyberpunk future.
"If you think Japan is good, wait till you see Hong Kong"
by Straylight July 25, 2003
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NOT China.
- Hey! Where are you from?
- You mean china? Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan and the Kung fu stuffs?
= Thats HONG KONG. Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan are from HONG KONG.
- Isn't that HONG KONG a part of china?
= thats HONG KONG, NOT china.
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A prison made by the chinese government to lock up citizen and censor out all voices of their citizen.
Hong Kong is originally a good place but is destroyed by the chinese government now.
by bored hong kong student September 17, 2020
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A beautiful city in China. People mostly have the wrong image of it though.
No, Chinese people here don't work on rice fields, they are majorly in Finance and Banking.
Michael Kors(designer)
"Hong Kong is Beverly Hills on steroids"
by wizo June 20, 2005
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An autonomous region which belongs to China as of now. Also called Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region of People's Republic of China, or Hong Kong, China.

Even if Hongkongers and mainland Chinese share same ethnicity, they are usually distinguished in large context. For example, Hongkongers are not ruled by Chinese Communist Party but have their own government separated from Beijing. Hongkongers may feel awkward if they are just referred to as 'Chinese' rather than 'Hong Kong Chinese' or 'Hongkongers'.
Majority of Urban Dictionary users support Hong Kong independence and Hong Kong being an independent country called Republic of Hong Kong.
by intrastella9999 May 8, 2016
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