A beautiful, talented, funny, and drop-dead gorgeous person; he's mostly known for being 'Filthy Frank'.
Person 1: Whoa, look, it's Joji!
by RainIsAmazing August 22, 2017
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A smart, talented, beautiful human being that is well known by many people around the world for his YouTube channel TVFilthyFrank. He has also released albums such as ‘Pink Season’ and ‘In Toungues’ and has made it into the american charts on Itunes.
joji miller has satisfied and entertained the world with his talents, such as his youtube characters and his memorising music.
by alley110 January 1, 2018
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talented mf with such a beautiful voice with his ep in tounges which made him somewhat popular with his hit will he he's the biggest name in the 88rising mark. then his singles can't get over you, slow dancing in the dark, and yeah right peeking his new album ballads 1 with the song slow dancing in the dark made his name bigger by time which has about 70 million streams on spotify alone. joji is primarily known for his internet name filthy frank which was a character of his with dark comedy. the filthy frank channel ended off in 2017.
have you heard about joji ? hes amazing.
by ianyousexy December 27, 2018
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Joji is a caring, funny, popular guy that will always be every bodies best friend. You will most likely find him playing the guitar, the piano, or video games. He is very athletic and has lots of girls falling for him.
Joji is a direct descendant from god and has been sent to save us all
by Dr.Slay February 27, 2018
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A japanese nigga that's super white and looks cute
by ErnoOfHungary April 24, 2019
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A god disguising amongst us humans.
His purpose was to make us happy and now is to make us sad with his chilling af music.
Yes, we miss franku and pink guy but joji is here now.

also he is cute af. who fucking knew that staring into a milk-drenched spoon would be cute?!
guy: ohh shit franku's dead?
guy2: for a long time man. joji's pretty good tho no homo
by mynodeusp rouY June 24, 2019
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Noun: Jo-jee

1) an angel disguised as a hippo with God like powers.

2) a new race of superhuman mutant panthers with the speed of a mongoose, majesticness of a lion/eagle, and leadership abilities of a king.

3) unknown what form he/she/it will take, but when they do: they shall reign.
Holy shit I think that complete badass hippo is actually a Joji

What batman can't stop the bad guys? Call in the Joji.

When Joji comes, we shall all be blown away by the wonder and awe of badassness. For Joji shall be the dark one and light one combined. All hail the treacherous, beautiful Joji.
by MamaWantsJules February 29, 2016
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