2 definitions by mynodeusp rouY

A god disguising amongst us humans.
His purpose was to make us happy and now is to make us sad with his chilling af music.
Yes, we miss franku and pink guy but joji is here now.

also he is cute af. who fucking knew that staring into a milk-drenched spoon would be cute?!
guy: ohh shit franku's dead?
guy2: for a long time man. joji's pretty good tho no homo
by mynodeusp rouY June 24, 2019
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a phrase used for your gay/straight friends that do something so terribly gay.

You need to have a lvl 100 relationship with them to be sure that you wont be offending them
friend 1: *sits on some nibba's lap*
friend 2: shit man that's kinda gay
by mynodeusp rouY June 24, 2019
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