1. Smear

tkc or (tkc)- refers to defunct Kansas City blog that specialized in anonymous tips to smear local politicians and bloggers.

"Wow - the newspaper really tkc'd the Councilwoman."
by KC Dan June 17, 2008
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Team Kill Community . Gamers who push the boundries of games beyond there originally released purpose, may it be cheating heckling or team killing.
Those tkc people sure kickass. Commonly sighted in conversations ' tkc assholes are destroying this game ' .
by robertoo November 2, 2006
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An uncommon use for take care...most commonly used by gamers that don't want to type out "take care" every time someone logs out.
Joe: I'll seeya around.

Bob: Tkc Joe.
by ChampionCrimson April 4, 2016
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a pretentious geek who plays counter strike online, flaming people over their netcode, strafing, and other various "online" actions and/or movements.
oh shit, tkc's joining the server... let's go.
by qazqwerty August 11, 2007
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Typical Korean Crazy

refers to a stereotype of korean girls who are extremely materialistic, needy, demanding, and selfish. Dating TKC means you are the purse carrier, the cook, the bank, and recipient of more bipolar drama than you can handle. They're looking for money and status, or someone they can bend to their every whim.

The closer to Seol, the more you'll find.
Also be aware FOBs could potentially be TKC, but those born outside of korea are less likely.
"Don't trust that cute innocent face man, she's TKC"

"My girlfriend just dumped me after throwing a fit in the mall when I didn't buy her a new fendi purse..."
"We TOLD you she was TKC!"
by jw37 October 17, 2011
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A group of people who spend there whole day, sometimes weeks, playing MKWii, when they could be playing decent games like Grand Theft Auto 4 or Fallout 3.
He's part of TKC !
by Mikazume January 6, 2009
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Wow Did You See TKC Nations New Video You Should Check It Out
by TKC Nation July 12, 2017
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