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When someone tries to type “tho” in coversation but falls on their face instead.
by Imhereforthegoodstuff August 07, 2018
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Total Jerk-Off
A highly unlikeable guy, a complete asshole, a sorry excuse for a BF.
The classic definition of Jerk Off or Jerking Off is also considered a classic example of wasting time.
Girl, you're wasting your time crushing on him, he's just a TJO.
by AppleJohn September 26, 2014
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To say hi to a friend with swag.
Tjo brur
Tjo mannen
by dabster_bjornen December 13, 2016
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buy the domain for your cat site
The word T-Jo derives from Seattle. Used in many contexts, it typically depicts the loss of an object or intangible item.
Damn you so forgetful, you pulled a T-Jo.
by Johnny Vong May 03, 2004
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