noun A silky smooth type of cat without a care in the world who will gladly come at you hard and dirty like a spider monkey.
They call me "Tittie Sprinkles". I enjoy short walks to the fridge, ice cold beverages, and the occasional threesome. Sometimes for fun I will steal a horse, glue an ice cream cone to its head and ride it naked with a belt tied around my neck singing "It`s raining men". I know some people think thats weird. Fuck that. I like unicorns. Anyway, if you feel that I might be someone who could go and do proper funk work on you, give me a call on my cell. You should be able to find my number in the men`s room of your local bar, or a phone booth, or a jail cell. I look forward to meeting you. You dirty dirty bitches.
by Henry Gondorf April 04, 2008
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Tittie sprinkles is a type of lubricious expletive used to describe a supererogatory situation. Used in extempore conversation, it could be used to describe very those which reside on the anterior of the mid-clavicular line, but are sexually dimorphic, that are copacetic. It would be used sine qua non with a funny situation, or in a milieu where a myelinated A delta fiber stimulates a nociceptor, either visceral or somatic. It first originated from a Shoe factory during which the proprietor ejaculated the word while in an encephalopathic delirium. Note: also used with prospicience for the latter definition of the aforementioned. Also can be used to abrogate a conversation that is an agonist for a Melatonin-1 Neuroreceptor.
"Oh, tittie sprinkles, I just tried to jump over a fucking water fountain!"

"Dude those tits on Carsi are tittie sprinkles!"

"Sometimes when I bake, in stead of sugar sprinkles, I prefer using tittie sprinkles, for a more sweet taste. Also, try strawberries."
by OneWhoMakesShoes December 11, 2008
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