a contradictive person who, liking a girl called maeva to the point of rigorous masterbation, whilst also being a homosexual.
That guy is a real tither.

Yeah. he's probably Bi.

by theblatanttruth December 31, 2011
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To be 'Tithered' is to be groped or molested by an individual while your under the influence of alcohol and vulnerable.
Boy: Hey I totally tithered some girl last night!
Other boy: She must have been so out of it!
by Uzzy1000 November 05, 2013
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The act of preforming sexual acts on a female. Epically if they're drunk or not wanting it.
Girl 1 - "Hey what did you two do last night?"
Girl 2 - "I got tithered her"
by TitherAppentice November 01, 2013
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Prounounciation: Ti - thurr/Ti-thurred

A state of anger that is off the charts, yet manifests quite subtly. The state of being "Tithered" is usually the result of being so enraged, you cannot adequately express it verbally or physically passed stating that you are tithered.
When I asked my ex-girlfriend why she blew him, she told me he knew how to do it better. How do you, as a guy, make a blowjob better for for a girl, than if she gave it to some other guy? I was right tithered.
by discojoe May 03, 2011
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A word that follows laughter to slightly hint at a displeasure of the person who is speaking.
by Trevor DP August 26, 2008
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