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A thick, greasy substance usually emitting an unpleasant ordor, comprised primarily of sweat, shit and jizz and found in the crack between the breasts.
I took of Mary's shirt last night and she had mad Titcheese!
by WebNads August 06, 2007
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that gross smelling looking gunk that collects under the teats of extremely large sweaty fat chicks.
when was the last time you scraped the tit cheese off from under these saddle bags??
by bobert951 January 23, 2007
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The eventual product from female breast milk. can be made from tit milk into tit cheese, tit youghurt and tit butter.

also similar to the term nob cheese.
"oh I do like a bit of tit cheese with me crackers gromit"
by GoSco April 24, 2007
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