An "it" who is known as a "hoe". Goes by the name Tissue, possibly has AIDS/Herpes from sucking the GMs dick, in a game called "OdinMS". An attention whore who has no life, googles pictures of "models", and possibly claims that it has a boyfriend in real life.
Who be tissue?
A girl who stands near kerning city and waits for the GMs to log on, so she can get some penis.

What the fuck why do you guys call it an "it"
Possibly, because there are no real girls on the inter web.
by LOLBBQSAUCELOL January 01, 2008
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An insult Asian's use against people who don't speak the language they speak. Mostly used in Counter Strike competitive games!
Asian: B! B! Go B! B! B!
Person 1: Shut up!!
Asian: Tissue!!!! TISSUE!
by MrGazzmatazz June 11, 2016
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cute girl; just like how the word "tissue" and how "red noses" are such cute phrases, tissue refers to a very cute girl
Aww look at that cute girl standing in line. she's so snuggly and tissue.
by Tazuuuu September 30, 2009
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n. (when referring to a partner in a relationship) : person that you just blow and throw away; not a serious relationship partner one that you have fun with and get rid of quickly; can have in addition to a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Jeremy is just Frankee's tissue, she'll have her little thing on the side and then he'll be gone.
by Phoenix729 July 25, 2008
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- a person whose life is a waste

- useless
- HEY YOU! Live a tissue, die a tissue!

- This pen is tissue to me, you can have it
by orangecow911 March 06, 2009
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When one develops an issue with their turtle neck, it is referred to as a tissue.
you're wearing a turtle neck on a crowded bus. You grow very hot. That's a tissue.
by she'sabirddoge July 02, 2013
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We seen them all in classroom people sometimes used them to make things look big but everyone notice just stop your making your self a foul Ik you want them there at ur local drug store
"Cause I got tissues you got them to so give them all to me"~Tissues
by @SomebodyorSomeone1 June 01, 2017
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