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  • tiny.ninja
a very very tall and aggressive (pacifists)who enjoys breaking legs and in his spear time he enjoys playing games, watching TV and eating small children with ketchup.
"you had better pay up or i'll get Tiny hear to break your legs"

by shawn lyons ( F0X ) March 24, 2003
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something tiny is really really really small, like... a penis!
man andy, your nob is really fucking tiny, how the hell did fran manage to find it?
by will (the non alcaholic) July 21, 2004
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a large Manitoban man living in Winnipeg, he is a gemini, likes long walks in the woods, romantic comedies, and small arm weaponry. He answers to most names but prefers not to be poked or ridiculed. He slightly resembles most remarks but resents ones directed in his general direction. Can be found working with large machinery, bouncing at night clubs, or chasing down bounties. A Manitoban of great mystery, yet a man of many sensitive areas.
Hey, isn't that tiny? SNAAAY! Hmmmmm maybe we sould go steal gas somewhere where he doesn't see us.
by dj miller March 04, 2004
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"Allo Tiny, I like a bitta puss. Now put ya knickers on and make me a cuppa tea!"
by Stockers August 28, 2003
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Pronounced Tai-Ne, it means something that is either:
or it is your penis.
It may also be used in a sarcastic manner to describe something huge(duh).
by Le Canadian Grammar Nazi December 23, 2015
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