2 definitions by M-Dawg 5Kilo

The act of echoing, reposting, or commenting on the latest Jое Bidеn drama. This act of joeposting inherently muddies the water while something more important is happening.
Oh my God, everyone is joeposting instead of paying attention to the AZ Audits!
by M-Dawg 5Kilo September 11, 2021
("TC squared")
A rude person, whom often does things like cutting in line, or running a red light, that generally waste your time. These people are looked down upon in the first world.
Man A: "Why is that person looking at Taco Bell's menu now, when he could have done that in the 30 minute line?"
Man B: "What a Time-Consuming Cunt!"
by M-Dawg 5Kilo February 6, 2013