Enjoyed when its your own and often wasted by other people.
I'm trying to make the best use of your time possible.
by Boomer February 03, 2000
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the passing of moments mesured in hours and minutes and so on
by cheesey baby June 26, 2005
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The years we are living in.
A computer in most homes is a definate sign of the times.
by Tom October 15, 2003
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Time is an absolute truth regardless of the state of existence so long as it is not the forever end. In the physical universe there need be motion of any kind for time to have something to be relative to. Time travel can not exist in the popular sense. One can travel forward in time while seemingly no time passes for the traveler, but this is an illusion caused by being in some kind of stasis. True travel back in time can not occur.

This is not to say that instantaneous or near-instantaneous travel is impossible, just that such theories may not come into conflict with time's law.
It took a long time before the big bang happened again.
by Jorden K L December 04, 2006
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an imagined reference created by man. can be extended by blocking ones senses. and yes this is true for time is only your own perception and therefore is altered
I was having an orgasm and time ceased to exist
by norbert April 13, 2003
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An abstract concept used to describe the linear passaage of events obsesrvable in three dimensions. The "classical" three dimensions (length, width, height) are spatial, whereas time is temporal. Time cannot be directly observed, only quantified in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, etc. Time itself is impossible to accurately illustrate in our 3-D world, but is most often represented as a line, moving in one direction at a constant rate.
Time travels constantly in one direction, and is widely believed to be irreversible.
by The Jack of Spades March 01, 2008
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