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The process of sticking a drinking straw into a girl's vagina to slirp semen out after you've "blown a wad" into her baby-maker.
Man, I heard Josh blew his load while humping the girl, but at least he did the Tijuana Milkshake. That reduces the chance of him getting her pregnant.
by Mississippi Coast Trash October 26, 2006
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When a gay Mexican Nazi zombie nuts in your eye, leaving you with pink-eye.
Guy 1: "You know man, now that I'm finally out of prison I'm going to change my ways for the better. Maybe go back to college and become a doctor."

Guy 2: "Not with that pink eye your not, what happened Frank?"

Guy 1: "Oh don't worry, that's just a souvenier from my Tijuana Milkshake."
by Cocaine-cola December 14, 2018
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When a bitch has a yeast infection and the guy has dick cheese on his dick, And they fuck, simple and gross. I love it 🥰
Me and my ex are dirty we did the Tijuana milkshake after hitting the gym.
by Joe asskick May 08, 2019
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