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Tighty whitie loser (n.) - An unlucky boy is caught wearing tighty whities. Tighty whities should only be worn by kids 12 years old or younger. If anyone is caught wearing tighty whities, they are given wedgies on a daily basis.
When I was in junior high, I was playing with my friends on the recess yard. My pants were really loose and eventually fell to the ground. Mostly everyone saw my tighty whities ard laughed. I was crying the whole day. I was so embarrassed. Then in High school, I was changing for PE and I was wearing tighty whities. Some older guys picked me up by my tighty whities and hung me in the locker room for everyone to see. Everyone laughed at me. Now I only wear boxers!
by Henry Sandoval August 03, 2005
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i agree with the first guy tighty whites is bad for locker rooms.
im a true tighty whitie loser. once i was at my pool and i was changin so i went 2 the shower and like 4 old hairy guys came in with there grandsons so right there it was awkward i was 13 n the kids were 8 i guess so i slipped on my ass n my penis was up in the air 4 evry1 2 c wen the kids saw theyt laughed and the the old guys tried 2 help me up but insted 1 accidently touched my butt n the other 1 slipped... and his penis was on my face i mean on my face so once we were up 1 kid asked me wat happened 2 ur penis its so small then i pushed him down n put my underwear on(not tighty whites but they were like the bikini htinkgs)so the old men come over 2 me and ask me wat pouch size i m n i say large n they r like liar so i said xs which i m n they laughed so all togethr i changed next 2 6 guys naked 1 touched my butt 1 had a huige penis n it was in my face n thekids all had bigger penis than me so if you have a worse story please post it
by wedgie August 12, 2007
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"maybe wearing "tightie whities" is socially acceptable for a high schooler in Canada" <-- Ryan

Well Ryan, I see why you have the impression that high schoolers in
Canada wear tighty whities, it's not accecptable in Canada, just in toronto, becausse their a bunch of fuck holes.

(Just trying to clear up the rep for the rest of Canadians...toronto sucks...and swallows)
If John Tomory went anywhere west of Toronto, he'd have his ass kicked for being a tighty whitie loser!
by Mitchell and Ben July 27, 2005
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"An unlucky boy who is caught wearing tighty whities in the locker rooms.
Mark, youre a tighty whitie loser!!"

wow your an idiot, i wear "tightie whities" all the time and noone else sais that, theres at least 5 other dudes who do too in my gym class (grade 9)
Nate is a tightie whitie loser for not knowing anything.
by John Tomory June 26, 2005
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