5 definitions by wedgie

a very small penis that is very hairy like i mean all up the rod balls and into the gooch.
My friends penis is a hairy dogs cock. once he was cockslapping me and i woke up to see the smallest penis ever withy the most hair ever.
by wedgie May 31, 2007
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Rhis is when you have a penis and you push it in between your legs and make it look like a tail. then someone gives you a wedgie and when your penis hurts who ever gave you the wedgie has to now give you a blowjob.(works better with a big penis)
When i was iwth my friends they payed me and my friends 20$ each to tail each other. So first i got tailed and it hurt, but then i had to tail him and he has such a hairy rod, balls, gooch, and ass so right when he cummed they held me down and he stuck his ass in my face. and this is tailing
by wedgie May 31, 2007
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these are awesome underwear because they look and feel like a speedo and i wear those.
elmar the great that happened to me also except mine were just yellow(not from pee) they brought me to the girls locker room and hung by my tighty whiteys then they flicked my nuts and finally slipped them out the side and waited fo the girls to get back in and they all saw my 2 inch penis where they took pictures and posted them on internet and mesage boadr i mean every saw teachers, students and even parents it wwas in the year book. but they let me down and took my clothes so i to had to walk around in tightys but while i was walking..... i got pants and they were taken from me so i ran back to my locker and put on the only cover up i had 2 year old high rise bikinipurple so i walked 2 the offiice and was laighed at by teachers more than students.
by wedgie May 31, 2007
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i agree with the first guy tighty whites is bad for locker rooms.
im a true tighty whitie loser. once i was at my pool and i was changin so i went 2 the shower and like 4 old hairy guys came in with there grandsons so right there it was awkward i was 13 n the kids were 8 i guess so i slipped on my ass n my penis was up in the air 4 evry1 2 c wen the kids saw theyt laughed and the the old guys tried 2 help me up but insted 1 accidently touched my butt n the other 1 slipped... and his penis was on my face i mean on my face so once we were up 1 kid asked me wat happened 2 ur penis its so small then i pushed him down n put my underwear on(not tighty whites but they were like the bikini htinkgs)so the old men come over 2 me and ask me wat pouch size i m n i say large n they r like liar so i said xs which i m n they laughed so all togethr i changed next 2 6 guys naked 1 touched my butt 1 had a huige penis n it was in my face n thekids all had bigger penis than me so if you have a worse story please post it
by wedgie August 12, 2007
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very tight, white, embarassing, elastic band, underwear and if seen in a locker room you will be wedgied or form expeirience spanked, clothes taken, and forced 2 run around the school in ur tighty whities which you realized have been switched with size small and barely hold your weener in actually dont hold your penis in.
I have all types of tighty whities: i have white , yellow, purple, litght blue, then i have bikinis: blue, yellow and red then i have speedos: blue, green, pink, red, gray, and black but i accidently bought small so my penis is being strangled and one time an old guy came up to me in the local locker room and said boy you need a bigger size you dont have a big one but i mean i buy my grandson bigger pairs then under his breath but he does have a bigger one.
by wedgie May 30, 2007
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