A word deriving from the phrase "big ole tittes" used between men, usually in the presence of woman, to describe exceptionally large breasts without the woman knowing what the men are talking about
"Man, that girl had some tigglebitties!"
"I know dude!"
"Hey guys! What are you talking about?"
"O nothing. We definitely weren't talking about your tits, thats for sure."
by Dean 'n Rotten December 12, 2005
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A faster way to say "tig ole bitties," or a pair of nice tits. Commonly used when drunk or as code in the presence of a higher authority.

Man that girl has some sweet tigglebitties. I could stare at that rack all day.
by Sal 3:16 October 20, 2005
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British word for snickers; or any nougat filled candy
“Im going down to Tesco and grab myself a tigglebitty, you want some mate?”
by Dooksterson November 30, 2021
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