An ending placed at the end of a word to show the beginning of something important.
potential-- you have the power to begin to improve yourself or society.
torrential -- a rain that is torrential is beginning to possibly become very dangerous.
essential -- essential evidence is the beginning of showing powerful truth.
by ut1953 February 23, 2016
Tial is a type of person who will listen to your struggles. Tial will always include everyone and is friends with everyone. Tial genuinely cares for you and will do everything to make you happy.
by I’m a fucking poet July 9, 2021
A swang girl that is the best she can be she may be tiny but is very mighty she is a very good friend and will do anything to be anyone friend. She can eat a lot and she might like fries. She is very cute and she always smiles she has a good friend too I will not mention names but she is the best to. Not all tiales' are the same but mine is very sweet.
is that tiales

Yup and shes very nice
by Alf10 May 23, 2017
Tiale is a unique poly name. If you know a Tiale you probably already know that they’re gorgeous and have beautiful curly hair. Not only does she have the looks but she also has the brains.
I wish I was a Tiale.
by Aloha127 August 18, 2019
If you find a Tiales, I suggest you make friends with a Tiales as soon as possible! A Tiales can make your life very interesting and adventurous! A Tiales may be tiny, but is very smiley and shinny! A Tiales can kindly be a smart Alec. If you don't have a Tiales in life then it is probably boring.
- Bestie "Hey Tiales"
- Tiales "Sup bruh"
by Usuii November 25, 2019
Tial,i sleep with my ex last night”
by Onel69 May 16, 2021