a high-end graphing calculator from Texas Instruments capable of 3D graphing, computing definite and indefinite integrals and derivates among with numerous useful features.
a: did you get that second problem from last night's homework?
b: yea, of course.
a: how? we didn't learn how to integrate logarithmic functions yet!
b: we didn't but my ti89 did!
a: you bastard!
by alperthereal February 10, 2004
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The Holy Grail of Calculators. This baby can do everything from calculate how much you need to tip your lovely waitress to graph a complicated integral that even your Calculus teacher will be amazed by. O and don't worry it can do much, much more. Too much, that a normal human could never actually figure out all it's features in an entire lifetime. It is the Ultimate / Only friend of an Engineering Major.
Kim : I looked up Calculator in the dictionary the other day, and it wasn't defined!

Tom: What do you mean?

Kim: All it said was: See Ti89.
by KBUR July 16, 2008
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