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When you get a girl ridiculously drunk, and whilst she is chundering in a toilet you slip your willy in her vagina. You proceed to ride her of the convulsive movements of her body as she vomms. This can lead to a "thorgasm", the next stage in thunderchucking.

Both thorgasm and thunderchucking can be confused with norse mythology, but avast do not be baffled. Thunderchucking is a pun (play on words) of chunderfuck, thus humour ensues a-plenty. Suffice to say a night is only ever complete with the acheivement of one thunderchuck minimum, although jocularity is not always dependant on a thorgasm.
And she will be a beaut thunderchuck
by durb1 July 12, 2010
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To be so intoxicated that when you spew, you take out not only your own cubicle but the entire bathroom.
"My god!! He even painted the ceiling with that Thunderchuck!"
by dj-stylz October 09, 2007
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