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Word for Fat.
All Jelly, no toast.
by Mc Ian August 22, 2003
Thundercats is one of the highest rated cartoons that came from the eighties. The cartoon was based on a large group of human shaped members of the cat family. On the island that they had to leave, Thundera, they were royalty and in leaving the planet they left all that they knew. They landed on a planet called Third Earth were they set up their new lives.
The Thundercats were not alone on the island. There was an evil mummy called Mumm-ra who with the help of his evil henchmen wanted to rule Third Earth and wanted to destroy the Thundercats. Lion-o, the leader of the Thundercats, took charge and with the help of his magic sword of Omens defended the plant and saved the other inhabitants from the evil rule of Mumm-ra.
by Mc Ian October 31, 2003
Someone who looks like they can do no wrong
A young lady looks innocent, but isnt really - Saucer of Milk table for two Meooow!
by Mc Ian August 29, 2003
Could be used if you pulled a milf. You are then a legend.
by Mc Ian August 22, 2003