A form of sexual contact between two dudes. It involves fingering and licking of the anus.
Dude you Fricker me good, it feels like my ass is having a party
by Smokin bad September 04, 2014
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Your fricker is an organ that houses your soul orb. The fricker is like a miniature rib cage directly underneath your ribs. The "ribs" extend from two disks and don't completely touch, but are held together in a magnetic-like state. Your soul orb is essentially your soul, and spins in the middle of your fricker. When you die, the magnetic field weakens, and your soul orb exits your body through your belly button. Getting hit in the fricker is extremely painful.
I am going to punch you in the fricker.
by swimmers October 31, 2009
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You wanna hold onto that one Laura, he's a real Fricker!
by Hammer January 07, 2004
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A combination of both the flickering and rolling of the eyes. This action is usually displayed when expressing sass-like emotion.
The judgemental girl frickered her eyes at me when I told a ridiculous joke.
by mystery marshmallow March 25, 2014
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One who fricks, with a firckidey manner. The act of being a fricker; gaykid; other deroggative slurs.
Karen City; Karen City; Karen City
by Dustin King December 10, 2004
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Frii-Ker ;

To fricker : to shoot a same-sex being, not in the shoot to kill kind of way.

I am a fricker : calling yourself either
a) of the same sex as your subject
b) to remain unknown of the sex
I am going to FRICKER you one day!
by Steve Jornansvensson July 16, 2003
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When you hit a hard life changing insult but he says "No U" under his breath so you have to move country but your ID is denied and the FBI close in on your location and you are publicly executed with no arguements and your nemesis is even feared in the deepest depths of hell.
ur mum gay
ooooh boi youve been frickered
oh heck no oh frick what the flip you mother hecker you!!!!!! im going to fricking heck your flipping body from its puny limbs and so help me i will flipajicking murder you if i have to- *gets hanged*
by yes my name is harrison April 01, 2019
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