someone who wants something and does whatever they can to get it, a go gettah.
ceeLoccs a thug.
by wavyyCee November 18, 2018
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- tpack
baby thug bang bang bang bang bang mommy thug bang bang bang bang bang daddy thug bang bang bang bang you better prey prey prey
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by aly-kins May 06, 2019
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A term used in suburban communities as a safe alternative for the n-word. Despite everyone being aware of this, suburbanites will claim they intended no such thing.
Person 1: I’m sick of these thugs moving into our communities!
Person 2: Whoa! Why you gotta be racist?
Person 1: I’m not. Idk what you’re talking about.
Person 2: Well that new family that just moved in are a family of doctors and attorneys so idk why they would be “thugs” in your mind...unless you’re racist.
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by ImAnonymous1 September 07, 2020
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The Hate U Give 😩
All those kids are acting like some thugs towards each other
by Mya😍 May 20, 2019
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Matt: “Hey did you hear that thug lives matter now?”
Jim: “No frickin’ way!”
by Thug Lyfe October 04, 2020
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that’s the thug!
by sexman190 February 09, 2020
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A cool synonym for a violent criminal, popular among non-thugs. The word itself has a much cooler history, and it comes from Hindi "thag", literally meaning "swindler" or "deceiver", and it was used by the British to denote a disorganized group of Indians who worshipped goddess Kali - a violent and most powerful avatar of Shakti who defends the innocent through military prowess and brutality. They committed brutal murders, silent assassinations and theft in her name, mostly against the British. In fairness, many historians question the validity of the British account of thugs, since they might have blown their threat out of proportion just to solidify "Britain strong" image among royal subjects, when in fact they were nothing out of the ordinary.
American "thug": I sit around on my ass all day, high on coke, occasionally mumbling ghostwritten lyrics into the mic to the producer made beat.
Indian THUG: I just strangled the British wife in her sleep, decapitated the father, then kidnapped and sacrificed the daughter to Kali, the goddess of badassery.
by Black_Quarterback October 21, 2020
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