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A loud, sharp fart that crackles as it exits the ass. A head-turner because of its loudness. A huge source of embarrassment to the thucker.

Slutella: "Oh, Jamie, you have such a hot, sexy bubble-butt! Let me give you a rim job with my toungue."

(Just as Slutella has lovingly inserted her toungue on the rim of Jamie's anus, a loud T H U C K takes her totally by surprise!!)

Slutella: "You bastard! Get dressed and drive me home!"

Jamie: "Thuck you!"
by The Unit "151" January 11, 2007
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description for a person who is thick, but in a way that accentuates.

Most basica translation "Thick as fuck"
Man, did you Linda? She went from being skinny to a thuck chick.

Nicole did not get any attention until 7th grade, when her new curves gave her the definition as thuck chick on the boys bathroom wall
by LDeezy April 08, 2008
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a woman that is considered thicker than normal but not fat, sloppy, busted or anything other than be "thick as fuck"
Damn Cubana Lust is thick as fuck...naw shawty she THUCK
by Roscoe Sosay February 09, 2010
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1. I thucked all night long. The bushes in the garden were thick and out of control.
2. People that smoke while thucking could start a fire.
3. You're a thucker. How much do you make per hour? What kind of sheers do you use? Do you oil up first?
4. Thucking makes me tired. Its all the bending over and using muscles I've never used before. Thucking simple.
5. The mother-thucker was the crew boss.
6. Hire immigrants for cheap thucks.
by d3m4nnu April 30, 2008
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some1 with a lisp saying "suck" mainly used on the net, for taking the piss out of sum1 =)
1)Your new hair thuckth!
2)She thellth thea shellth on the thea shore, the thells that she thellth are thea shellth im sure =)
by Kez December 12, 2004
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To be big boned, or slightly larger in certain areas.
Yeahh that girl was kid of hot but did you see her legs they were really thuck.
by Blueotter December 05, 2009
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