Individuals who frequently adopt this pose naturally have game so loose yet remarkably composed that even notable physicists fail to comprehend it.

Additionally they have serious hoes.
by Large man 111 April 27, 2022
You’re cheating on your girlfriend and you’re a pos
Throwing up 4’s if you are a pos!!
by sucmacoc May 3, 2022
throwing up 4 fingers showing you absolutely adore and love Londynn and you think she’s the baddest bitch on earth
keke be throwing up 4 fingers , let’s go jump her because Londynn isn’t the baddest bitch
by londynnnnn April 8, 2022
if a guy throws up 4’s it’s their way of secretly getting out of the closet.
Ryan, brayden and gavin were all throwing up 4’s for each other
by Albert Norme May 8, 2022
Throw up the 4,s


Girl throws up 4,s

Throwing up 4,s is defined That means she thinks he is sexy
by Soap bar June 1, 2022