a three-tined eating utensil, similar to a fork.
Look Mommy, this lady uses threeks instead of forks.
by sportster_16301 December 31, 2004
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a fork having three tines instead of the more typical four (which is a "fourk")
the dining hall has threeks instead of forks, now.
by ewige December 30, 2011
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a fork but with three prongs instead of four
person 1: hey could you hand me that fork
person 2: you mean threek?
person 1: wdym i DID mean fork wtf is a threek
person 2: no bro it has three prongs so it is in fact NOT a fork it is a THREEK
person 1: ur weird lol
world: get him
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A period of three weeks.

Etym: A portmanteau of 'three' and 'week'.
It takes me a threek to build a lego city measuring 6' by 4'.
by cosmic user September 3, 2021
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When a fork only has three prongs, this also works with Twoks and Oneks
Larry: why does this fork have 3 prongs?
Gerry: you mean a threek
by LazyWasTaken July 6, 2023
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