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A quicker way of saying May 18 by merging consecutive rhymes into one.
Tina Fey, George Strait, and Reggie Jackson celebrate birthdays on Mayteenth.
by cosmic user January 18, 2019
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Special name given to the blue moon of April, following the pink moon early in the same month.
Purple moon is extremely rare. You've got to see it! That only happens once in a purple moon.
by cosmic user January 24, 2020
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Pop rock music; another word for pock. It is louder and heavier than pop.
I would rather listen to rop music instead of pop music because listening to two combined genres is better than one.
by cosmic user August 31, 2017
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Pop-rap music closely related to gangsta rap. It is characterized by rapping and popping. Artists include Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, and Run DMC.
Rap and pop lovers would really love hearing pap music.
by cosmic user August 31, 2017
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A unit of measure invented by Type O Negative fans. One peter equals exactly two meters, which is almost the exact height of Type O's leader Peter Steele, who unfortunately died too soon.
The height of our Christmas tree is about a peter tall. If you look outside, you'll see the moon, located nearly 200 million peters away from Earth.
by cosmic user December 09, 2019
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Pronunciation: nine-ch

Definition: Nine inches.

Etymology: Portmanteau of 'nine' and 'inch'.
by cosmic user September 02, 2021
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A music genre comprising of rapping vocals, rap beats and rhythms mixed with jazz instrumentation, or in other words is a rap music featuring instruments typically used in jazz like trumpet, clarinet, piano and double bass. It is devoted to Afrocentrism.
Razz was developed in the late '80s and early '90s when jazz meets rap by bands such as De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest.
by cosmic user September 09, 2017
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