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Deeper version of deep or to think deeply.
Friend 1: I wanna break up with her
Friend 2: Have you thonked about it ?

"She is thonking, don't disturb her"

Employee: I thonk I wanna quit.
Employer: As far as you thonked, I wish you luck.
by useyourfakename March 02, 2019
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when a man staddles a woman's torso and slaps her face with his semi-erect penis
I like to thonk your wife before I bang her.
by jose April 22, 2005
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(singular: Thonk)(plural: Thonks) (Origin: Greek) A bitch that wont leave u the fuck alone

similar to: thot, poutana, malaka, hoe, whore and hooker
eg: Abbey wtf ur such a thonk go suck a dick u fucking thonk
eg 2: thonks be mad fucking niggas be tripping gay thonks
by Footyblues09 November 12, 2019
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Thonking is a very humorous word and can be used to describe almost anything
Wyatt is thonking in and out of class or Wyatt is a thonk
by Yee farm fam January 10, 2019
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