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E Pill. From northern cali. Made popular by Mac dre.
Lets pop a thizzelle.
by theo March 08, 2004
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Alternate way of spelling "thizzle" introduced by Bay area rapper Mac Dre such as in the song "Thizzelle Dance" or the album "Thizzelle Washington".

Synonym for thizz, thizzle, E, X, or extasy (ecstasy, MDMA)- a pill containing the chemical MDMA or MDA almost always along with other unknown substances such as cocaine, crystal meth, raw amphetamines (ritalin, caffeine, etc.) LSD, peyote, ketamine and many others that whoever manufactures the pills chooses to include. The ratio of actual MDMA or MDA to unknown substances varies from pill to pill as they are developed illegally in "street labs" by drug dealers. The most pure form of thizzelle (pure MDMA) comes in white pills nicknamed "Mollys". Thizzelle ranges in colors (white, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, violet) that typically notify the user what the thizzelle is "cut" with (the other substances inside). Although it ranges from pill to pill most dealers TRY to keep the color coding universal everywhere to mean:
White: cocaine or raw amphetamines
Blue: cocaine
Green: crystal meth
Yellow: peyote, LSD or ketamine
Orange: LSD, peyote or ketamine
Red: heroin or PCP
Violette: heroin or ketamine
Thizzelle also usually has a picture imprinted on it to be able to identify the quality of it from one dealer or another and who it was from.
Clubber One: This thizzelle is making me trip balls...
Clubber Two: Hmm... that must of been the blue nike...
Clubber One: Nah, it was a green buddha.

Raver One: Dude those blue ladies from Chris are dank as fuck.
Raver Two: They aren't as bomb as his yellow x-box's!
by Kerplunk^ August 06, 2008
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