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Hennessey. The slang term for Hennessey liquor. Goes well with a bleezy, hence Bleezies-N-Heem.
I got to have my doe
everywhere I go
when they ask me whats my drink
I say Heem man what you think
by markl April 12, 2004

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Two blunts put together into one= a B-Legit. Bay Area slang
Who's down to throw on a fat ass B-Legit? I got the swishers.
by Markl April 13, 2004

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Dance made popular by Nor Cal rapper Mac Dre. Do this dance while thizzin. Mac Dre has a song about the dance describing the steps.
"Come on everybody, Nows your chance.
Fuck the Harlem shake,Its the Thizzelle dance."
by Markl April 13, 2004

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