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Derives from the ever popular movie american pie. as in: "this one time at band camp." But now has more wide range of usage. Guys who are usually stoners or alcoholics use this term to reflect on one or more experiences they've had while under the influence. And wish to use this term to enlighten us all about the joys and wonders of "trppin"
Stoner Dude: This one time me and Bob were totally trippin out in the back alley way behind Fry's. Then all of a sudden we here these sirens, so we run. And then we just keep runnin and runnin till we reach this babes house and theres like 8 naked chicks in this hot tub. and we just went back there and then i checked my roley. it was already 7 o'clock. past my curfew. my probation officer would kill me. so i had to bounce on home. but man it was trippy.
by MissBarry February 04, 2005
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